SONIC BLADE LURES - When Fishing Becomes Catching
 WELCOME to Sonic Blade Lures
 Each of our amazing lures is backed by hours of relentless field testing by our Pro Staff. The combination of our Golden Hyper Vibe Blade and Deluxe Weed Guard make the Sonic Blade Lure a blessing when fishing cover. Go ahead and put this DINNER BELL right where the fish live !! 
 We offer you a variety of Sonic Blade Lure Patterns to choose from. As you well know, there is no need to have for every color combination under the sun. For that reason, we only sell what our Field Testers have proven to catch fish. The SBL color patterns and unique blade design have produced Limits of quality fish time and again.   
Whether your fishing riprap, docks, piers, wood, long points or beaches, the Sonic Blade Lure will produce equally well in fresh or saltwater.It's the most versatile lure you will ever fish with !!
GOOD NEWS ... Captain Jerry Teel of Got-Em Fishing Charters is currently working with us on the development of the new saltwater Sonic Blade Lure. This distinguished Charter Captain fishes the Outer Banks of North Carolina and is a valued member of the SBL Pro Staff.
Now ... cast into this website and learn about the AMAZING SONIC BLADE LURE !!
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